I learnt to tame watercolour largely in a self-taught way.

Through the years, I learnt to work in a very instinctive way, in a more and more gestural and spontaneous manner, trusting the surprises. My watercolors thus come alive from themselves: I leave things to chance because I love being surprised by them and let the magic work. That is the reason I use nervous and inaccurate tools, and constantly alternate fine graphic effects with stains and smudges... The most important thing for me is keeping a large place to the white patches of the paper: they suggest invisible lines, emphasize the contrasts, give life and strength to the picture.


My favorite themes are simple subjects, often inspired by nature. I want to highlight their grace, their elegance and their poetry demanding to show them simply and purely. I try to get the best result both by the choice and the use of the outlines, the shapes and the colors.